Dear Parishioners,

With humble pride, we call out to all to "Abide in Him". In this year 2013, let us all be inspired by the Holy Spirit among us, and we prayerfully ask that you consider your personal offering of time, talent and treasure to help us continue to grow our ministries.

This year, we are introducing two new ministries, the Health & Wellness Ministry and the Youth Choir. The Health Ministry will promote the well-being of our parishioners through "Parish Walks", Blood Drives in conjunction with the Red Cross, monthly blood pressure monitoring, speeches for current health issues by doctors and knowledgeable people and other events. The Youth Choir/ Children Music Education will introduce the children and young adults of our church to the music that is used in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Our hope is to create a small group that could perform during celebratory events and assist the Adult Choir of our church.

The Assumption Community needs your involvement, engagement and participation in the various ministries and services. Financial Stewardship supports the ministries of our Church, and we appreciate your support of your spiritual home.

Currently, with the number of stewards our Parish has, we raise through stewardship, only 20% of the total expenses needed to run the ministries and day-to-day operations of our Parish. There is a tremendous amount of pressure put forth on the community to raise the other 80% needed, which is done in a variety of ways. Increasing the amounts raised through stewardship, would allow the parish to utilize the Greekfest and other major fundraising resources towards expanded philanthropic efforts, such as community outreach and expansion of our church community. We are hopeful with an increase of stewards, as well as with the financial support of the entire community, that someday the entire expenses of the church will be paid through the stewardship program. We know that this will take time and effort. It is with this in mind, that we have set a target goal of raising $85,000 or approximately 30% of the anticipated expenditures for 2012. In addition, our goal this year is to reach 100% participation of all the stewards of our church!

We kindly ask that you please make every effort to help us reach our goals. Together, we can accomplish great things to benefit our beloved Assumption Church. Remember no amount is too small, what Is important is that you pledge.

Submitting your pledge card to the Church as soon as possible, will allow the Parish Council to plan the Church's annual and month to month commitments more appropriately. You can submit your card by mail, dropping it off at the Church office or giving it to the Parish Council Treasurer on any Sunday.

Finally and most important, we hope and pray that you will participate as fully as you can in the ministries and Divine services at the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church.

With all the grace and love of our creator, Who is the source of goodness for us all, we remain,

In Christ,


The Stewardship Committee