Altar Boys

Jean Tsekrekas, Advisor

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Boys, ages 8 and up are encouraged to become altar boys. Serving the throne of God is the work of angels. Serving the Holy Altar is exactly the same, since the Holy Table in the center of the altar represents the Throne of God and the Tomb of Christ. So, we are looking forward to have your little angel(s) join our altar boy team! Our altar boys live and breathe the faith up close. Being an altar boy is a firm first step into becoming a valuable member of our Church and our community!

Altar boys are requested to be in church when the Divine Liturgy starts. Please see our Monthly Calendar for the exact time. Also, altar boys are divided into two teams and each team serves every other Sunday. Finally, we hold training for altar boys in October of every year, before Great Lent and any other time it is necessary.